A New Favourite: Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses

Published: 23rd June 2010
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In recent years, a type of eyeglasses called multi-focus progressive eyeglasses becomes a new favourite for eyeglasses wearers, and more and more people choose this newly emerged high tech eyeglasses when they are intended to buy glasses.

Professor White is a benefactive of multi-focus progressive eyeglasses, also called as adjustable focus eyeglasses. He is a sufferer of excessive myopia and with aging, he develops into presbyopia. As a result, he has to take two pairs of glasses--one is myopia eyeglasses and the other one is presbyopic eyeglasses, so that he would see objects clearly both near and far. It is rather inconvenient. However, luckily enough, just when Professor White is afflicted how to make things simple, he comes to know the new product, adjustable focus eyeglasses, which could enable presbyopic sufferers get a clear vision both near and far. His headache problem is good to go.

Then how could adjustable focus eyeglasses make such an achievement? Firstly it is necessary to learn something about presbyopia. According to professional report from eye doctors, we know that with the advance of age, the elastic recoil of crystalline lenses of eyes decreases. As a result, one will find it more and more difficult for their eyes to focus on close objects, while abilities to see distance objects are ok. Then to suit the remedy to the case, the refractive indexes of lenses upper and lower should vary. Adjustable fucus eyeglass, whose upper lens and lower lens have separated refractive indexes, is such a test result.

Yesterday Professor White took his grandson to the optical store to choose a pair of adjustable focus eyeglasses.You may feel puzzled how could children wear eyeglasses designed for the elders. The fact is that adjustable focus eyeglasses can be made to suit the remedy to the children's case. As we all know, children have to see content written on the blackboard and see that on the book when they are in school. In the constant shift, children actually need two different focuses, one for far vision while the other for close vision. If wearing unifocal lenses, they would feel headache often and it constitutes no good for the children who are in development phase.

Adjustable focus eyeglasses benefit people from all walks of life. They really achieve to present the wearers clear vision and good eye health.

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