Choose the Perfect Eyeglasses According to The Color of Your Eyes and hair

Published: 09th April 2010
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As eyes are always the focal point of your body, you should do something to make your eyes to be more attractive. Nowadays, as many people come into the eye problem like myopia or hyperopia, you have to wear eyeglasses to correct eye vision. The point is how to make your eyeglasses fashionable and attractive, so your image can be profoundly influenced by your glasses.

Two factors should be taken into consideration when choosing your eyeglasses as a fashion accessory that is your hair and eyes colors. You can either choose to enhance your eye or hair color or not. Generally speaking, people never think to enhance their hair when choosing the frames though occasionally people may choose the right frame color which is quite matched with the hair, but they must have no idea on the principle on choosing the right frame color.

Actually, frames in a contrasting color will result in the intensified color on eyes, and frames in the similar color will make eyes appear less vivid. Therefore, blue-eyed people are better to wear eyeglasses in the red family instead of the blue family to enhance eye color.

Eyes Color
Mauve, orchid, lavender, periwinkle, purple, violet, red-violet, eggplant, jade green, racing green and emerald green colors are recommended for green eyes. Colors from the purple or yellow families can intensify green eyes, and the bright yellow goes the top among all the colors. Though green frames can sometimes accentuate green eyes, they are not as effective as purple.

True red, watermelon red, cherry red, fuchsia, magenta, burgundy, coral, apricot, brick, rust and Chinese red colors are recommended for blue eyes. Colors in red or orange family can enhance your blue eyes effectively. Though blue frames can also intensify the eye colors at some extent, they cannot compete with the red and orange ones.

Plum, purple, violet, lavender, racing green, jade green, horn and emerald colors are recommended for brown eyes. Purples and greens may be the loveliest colors for brown eyes. In fact, a wide variety of colors can fit the brown eyes, like black, horn-rimmed and translucent frames. If you want to make eyes look darker, you can get the frames in a pale color. Moreover, dark purples and greens always look elegant with brown eyes.

Black, charcoal black, deep burgundy, midnight blue and deep purple colors are recommended for grey eyes. Frames with dark color can make your eyes appear to be the palest which can show the cool and mysterious characteristic of your temperament.

Violets, red-violets, purples, plum, horn, greens and blue-greens are recommended for hazel eyes. Hazel eyes, like chameleons, can change the eye color by themselves. Sometimes they appear green and sometimes they appear yellow, or even the varying shades of brown. If you want to make your eyes greener, you can try the purples, violets or greens. If you want to have the brown tone, you can try the horn-rimmed frames. Or if you want to try the yellow or gold tones, you can choose the purple or violet colors.

Hair Color
Black or a dark frame color is recommended for blonde hair, because the dark color can lighten blonde on hair. You can wear dark purples for green or hazel eyes, deep burgundy for blue eyes, or dark horn for brown eyes.

Royal blue, Chinese blue, cobalt, turquoise, emerald, jade, bottle green, lavender, violet and purple are recommended for red hair. Blue, green or blue green are matched with red hair, and purples may have a dramatic effective with red hair.

Burgundy, black, red, fuchsia, white, greens, purples and blues are recommended for black hair. Reds can help to enhance the natural blue undertones of black hair, and the pale color like pewter and white can make your hair appear darker.

Brown is recommended for brown hair. A pale color can both enhance your hair and your eyes at the same time. If you want to make your hair look lighter, you can choose the dark color which helps to enhance eye color. Besides, red tones can be intensified by blues or greens.

Grey hair means the color ranging from the partially grey to silver grey. Silver-grey hair will look less grey and more platinum with dark colors like black, navy or midnight blue. You have to avoid the colors that make your hair to be noticeably grey which means you must not use the colors like gold, horn and mock tortoise shell, because all these colors will dull the grey tones in the hair. Besides, silver frames attract attention to grey hair, especially when the hair is partially grey.

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