Eye exercises to correct nearsightedness naturally

Published: 13th April 2010
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Nearsightedness is the most common vision problem in the world. Besides wearing glasses or contact lenses, or taking Lasik eye surgery, are there any other methods that can correct nearsightedness in a natural way? Millions of people worldwide want to seek the answer. With the development of eye technology and researches, it is shown that eye stress and strain is a main cause of nearsightedness. Then how to reduce eye stress and strain? You are advised to take some eye exercises on a daily basis to relax the stressed eye and eye muscles.

Don't think these eye exercises will be very complex as it will have a great effect on treating nearsightedness naturally. Just on the contrary, they are very simple. But the most important is you are required to take eye exercises everyday. We must bear in mind that eyesight will not improved in one day, the long-time persistence will be beneficial for your vision improvement.

The following will introduce several common eye exercises, which is very simple to take and has a good advantage of being taken at any time and place if you want to:

First, while sitting and making your whole body relaxed, you can roll your eyes clockwise and blink, then roll your eyes counter-clockwise. Just taking this circle for five times will be ok. Second, you can move a pen and make your eyes focus on the pen to practice our eyes' focus ability. Put a pen at an arm's length, and then move it slowly to the nose, during this process, focus your eyes on the moving pen till you can not focus. 10 times of this circle everyday will be good. Third, look in front of the opposite wall, pretending you are writing with your eyes, but make sure not to turn your head. In this exercise, the bigger letter will be better for your eyes. Fourth, this is also taken for practicing our focus ability to make stressed eyes relaxed. You can focus an object nearby for several seconds, and then move your eyes to focus an object at least 150 feet away for another several seconds. Then repeat the exercise for 4 times.

From the above eye exercises, we can see they are very simple and will not take you for long time. In fact, take a few seconds of these eye exercises several times a day will be better for taking long periods of exercise. After a certain time of persistence, I am sure you will notice your eyesight is improving day by day.

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