How to Select the Most Suitable Eyeglasses for Women

Published: 21st March 2011
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Do you know which types of eyeglasses are popular? How to choose the most suitable and high-priced eyeglasses for women have been the hot topic in recent years. And do you know what the development of the eyeglasses is? Today, let us know how to select the most suitable eyeglasses for young women.


In addition to the shape of the eyeglass frames, most of women would like to choose mosaic crystal for their eyeglasses. It is the most important factor for you to choose eyeglasses for women. Most of brand eyeglasses areequipped with the crystal frame, mirror feet, the details of the ornament. All of these things can make your eyes full of luxury. The basic principle for women +to chooses a pair of suitable eyeglasses will depend on +the shapes of their face nose and eyebrows and the position of the eyes.


The first and most important factor for you to choose a pair of eyeglasses for women will depend on your face shape. If you have a wide face, you should choose a pair of big eyeglasses frames. On the contrary, if you have narrow face shape, you should choose the thin and smart frames. In most cases, wearing a pair of eyeglasses can change your face shape. Fat round faces need a pair of thick frames, if you choose thin line and soft glasses for this kind of face shape, it will make your face bigger than before. An oblong face has more length than its width. Oblong-faced customers are encouraged to try tall frames that help create a shorter face, or broad frames with an accented top rim. People with a square face have the same proportions of face width and length, and usually a strong jaw line and a broad forehead. In this sense, eyewear frames that are capable of softening the angles are suitable. People with a diamond face have broad cheekbones, involving naturally narrow eye line as well as jaw line. This facial shape is dissimilar to any one of the other shapes. For customers with such face shapes, the only thing is to soften the noticeability.


Secondly, you can choose a pair of eyeglasses for women based onyour nose shape. The nose is the only vertical facial lines, emphasizing that the lines can enhance three-dimensional face. People who have short nose should choose the frames at the top of the lenses. On the contrary, you should choose the frames at the bottom of the lenses. It can effectively shorten the length of the nose. If the lenses and frames have high connection, it can also be suit+able for big-nose people. If the frame does not touch the nose, and the fame itself is small, it will be better.


You also can choose a pair of eyeglasses for women based on your eyes positions. Your eyes in different locations in the lenses will give a different impression for people. Generally speaking, if your eyes are positioned on the side, you will be look slovenly and depressed. On a contrary, it will be funny. If we divide the eyeglasses into two sides, your eyes in the line position on the side slightly, it will be the best places. You can adjust your eyes though the nose pads and glasses legs.


At last, you can choose a pair of eyeglasses for women based on the eyebrows. It is well known that the eyebrows are important for our face. Eyebrows and the upper phase homogeneous glasses frame, slightly higher than the ideal framework. Upturned eyebrows, brow and spectacle framework naturally can not rope, but the brow must be consistent with the framework. Do not select frame that is also with upturned glasses, or it will inevitably lead to "Alice" add "Alice," the funny feeling, this time frame must be selected to be with flat glasses.


All in all, after you read this article. I believe that you can choose a pair of suitable and ideal eyeglasses for women. Most of young women choose a pair of eyeglasses based on these factors.

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