Will Myopia be Inherited to the Next Generation?

Published: 17th May 2011
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Nowadays, myopia is a common eye disease all around the world. What’s more, the incidence is still increasing every year which will have a bad effect on the health of the youngsters. Where does the myopia come from? Will it be inherited to the next generation? Many parents and kids are worrying about these two questions, especially those parents with high myopia.

Myopia is probably hereditary. From the analysis of the survey results of eye disease, those family members with the medical myopia history are easier to suffer from myopia. In other words, the incidence of myopia has a certain relationship with the genetic factors.

As for myopia, there are two categories, namely Pathological Myopia and physiologic myopia. If the parents suffer from pathological myopia, the possibility of the kids to be myopic is much higher than that of the others. As for the physiologic myopia, even the power is more than 6D or 10D, it may not be inherited to the next generation. The pathological myopia is with genetic factors, while the physiologic myopia is not. That is to say, all the high myopia will not be passed to the kids from parents.

The pathological myopia is possible to be passed to the next generation. It is very harmful to the visual function. It is caused by genetic factors. That is why some people are not engaged in the work at close range, they are still suffer from myopia, retinal detachment and other serious complications.

If the physiologic myopia is acquired in life, it will not have much influence on the children’s visual condition. In order to get normal and healthy visual condition of your baby, it is necessary to keep good habit in protecting eyes after birth. For example, it is prohibited to observe objects in a close distance for a long time including watching close video or do some fine work like calligraphy, drawing, etc. then you can decrease the possibility to suffer from the incidence of myopia for the kids to some degree. Myopia can be corrected with glasses and we can prevent it at the beginning stage as well. What’s more, for the parents, especially the mother should keep a good habit in the eyes’ health. It will affect the eye health of kids more or less.

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